Question: Can You Join SMP Earth?

What happens to SMP earth?

We decided to take down the site in order to upgrade security 🙂 The website is now back up and running without any issues – download our maps over at .

Private map coming soon – need to do some final fixes 😉 Enjoy!.

Who is Earth SMP?

SMPEarth is a Minecraft server with a 1:3000 scale map of Earth. With 60+ creators, nations will rise and fall, wars will start and end, and friendships will be forged and broken. The server’s founder is chippledipple and with the help of WilburSoot and JoshA20, helped make it become what it is now.

Is CallMeCarson in SMP earth?

CallMeCarson is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who temporarily joined the SMPEarth server. He does not plan to be a part of it, but he has gone down in SMPEarth history as the man who single-handedly screwed over the economy after less than a hour of being on the server.

Is SMP Earth modded?

The purpose of this modpack is to be used for a modded survival multiplayer (also known as SMP) set on a earth map. It was made by a group of friends and includes around 30 or so mods.

Is SMP earth public?

SMPEarth Public Server About SMPEarth Public is the successor to SMPEarth, a creators-only exclusive private server developed by Chip and JoshA20. It is a server that features a 1:3000 scale replica of the Earth as the overworld, powered by DedicatedMC. The public server had undergone beta phase in February 2020.

Who created SMP earth?

SMPEarth is a Minecraft server with 100+ content creators on a 1:3000 scale map of Earth, created by the likes of jeff and ur mom. It shares many similarities with SMPLive.

What is the server IP for SMP earth?

The EarthMC IP address is

How do I download SMP earth?

The world download is located at The world download is the backup of the server made prior to the SMPEarth Hunger Games on Day 135.