Is Rasmus Really Cured?

How did Rasmus get the virus?

In The Rain season 1, he falls in love with Beatrice (Angela Bundalovic) but then loses hope after she passes away.

In The Rain season 2, it’s revealed that Rasmus IS the virus, as he was created by an Apollon scientist named Sten (Johannes Bah Kuhnke)..

Is Simone immune to the rain?

The short answer is no, she doesn’t die but in the opening episode of season three, it certainly looked like she might. … Kira (Evin Ahmad) and Simone’s boyfriend Martin (Mikkel Følsgaard) saw her plummet hundreds of feet into the river below, assuming she had died.

Is Sarah alive in Season 3 the rain?

The Rain season 3 is fundamentally about Simone’s attempts to stop Rasmus from embracing his virus-related powers. By The Rain season 3 finale, Rasmus has killed numerous people and built a new life with his undead girlfriend, Sarah (Clara Rosager).

Why didnt rain kill Simone?

Episode six delivered a huge twist as Simone was pushed into the rain by Patrick, but DIDN’T die instantly. … More likely is that the virus is no longer in the rain and there’s a chance that it was only in the rain for a short period.

How old is Rasmus in the rain?

Rasmus is played by Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen, a 20-year-old Danish actor from Copenhagen.

Do they cure Rasmus in the rain?

As with his stab wound in season one, Rasmus miraculously recovers and heals quickly, but leaves the facility before killing either Simone or Martin.

Does Rasmus get cured?

Since Rasmus only ever wanted to save the world, he decides to sacrifice himself (Sarah joins in, too) by allowing the plant to kill them and absorb all of the virus. The pair have become a part of it and in doing so have cured the world.

Is Rasmus the virus?

Rasmus was revealed to have a pure version of the virus living inside him which could possibly offer up a cure and save humanity. Season one focused on Rasmus and Simone’s lives following their departure from the bunker after six years and their subsequent fight for survival.

Who is Sten in the rain?

Sten is the creator of the rain and the leader of Apollon. He is the central antagonist of The Rain.

Does Martin get the virus the rain?

Martin is taken away to a secure room until Rasmus frees him and asks him with saving Sarah. Martin does so, allowing Rasmus to kill Sten. After that, Martin receives the virus from Rasmus.

Does Rasmus die?

Does Rasmus die in The Rain? Ultimately, the show ended on a melancholic note after Simone and Rasmus reconciled with each other. She revealed to him the flower which fed off the virus and could potentially cure everyone. Rasmus realised by sacrificing himself, he could save the world from devastation.

Who dies in the rain?

RasmusRasmus. The most significant death of the series goes to the one, and only, the teenage heartthrob, Rasmus. Fans probably knew his fate was likely to be death but it doesn’t make it any less sad. His whole persona was always about saving the world but he did lose his inner being in season 3.