Question: How Do I Make Content Visible On Blackboard?

How do I get my sidebar back on blackboard?

If you’re accessing your course from a mobile device or tablet or from within a small browser window, Blackboard will collapse the sidebar by default.

To expand the sidebar, click the blue area at the side of the screen.

If you don’t see the blue area to expand the sidebar, try enlarging the browser window..

How do I upload content to Blackboard?

Content Collection: Upload a Single FileFrom within the content collection, click Upload from the navigation bar.Select Upload Files from the drop down dialogue box.Click Browse My Computer to locate the file to upload to the content collection.To overwrite a file with the same name, select this option.More items…

How do I find course content on blackboard?

Students can view all course content and are able to complete assessments in the Blackboard app for students….Edit content settings in the appNavigate to a course item and select it.You’ll access Settings one of these ways: … Make your changes and Save.

How to add a Course Link within your Blackboard courseEdit Mode. Check that Edit Mode is turned ON. … Content Area. Choose the Content Area into which you wish to add your course link. … Course Link. Hover your mouse pointer over Build Content and then click on Course Link.Browse. Click on Browse.The Browse Window. … Link Information. … Options. … Click on Submit.More items…

Where is Blackboard control panel?

To access the various tools, look for the Control Panel below the Course navigation menu on the left of your screen. Clicking a double arrow (“chevron”) to the right of an item will give access to the features in the main frame of the course.

What is the administrator panel in Blackboard?

The Admin Console is a diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for Blackboard Learn administrators. Delivered as a building block, the Admin Console makes troubleshooting activities easier to initiate from the user interface.

How do I add content to Blackboard?

Adding Items to a Content AreaIn Edit Mode, access a Content Area from the Course Menu, by clicking on the name of the content area, e.g. Course Content.On the Action Bar, click Build Content button and then select Item beneath the Create column.On the Create Item page, enter the item’s Name and Text.More items…

How do I move course content in Blackboard?

Copy and Move Course ContentEnter the older Blackboard course that has content you want to copy.On the Control Panel, expand the Packages and Utilities section and click Course Copy. [ … Select the option: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course. [ … In the Destination Course ID box click the Browse button to view a list of your courses. [More items…

What is a content area in Blackboard?

A Content Area allows course content to be organized into folders, files, graphics, assignments, tests, external links, and Blackboard Learn tools. You can create multiple Content Areas for your course and place them on the Course Menu.

Can professors see activity on blackboard?

As an instructor, you can see when your students opened, started, and submitted tests and assignments with the Student Activity report. In general, this feature looks and functions the same whether you’re working in an Original or Ultra course.