Question: How Do You Say The F Word In German?

How do you say swear words in German?

German Swear Words, Slang, Expletives and Expressions.

The Ultimate and Rather Silly List!German Swear Word, Expletive or ExpressionRough English TranslationFick dich Arschlochf%#@ you a$$holeFick dich in KnieGo f%#@ youself/get stuffedFick dich, Wichser.f%#@ you, jerk-off.fickento f%#@/lay/bang/screw213 more rows.

What is the F word?

a euphemism for the word fuck: The f-word came into English in the 15th century.

What is the F word in Russian?

Usually, the situations never have anything to do with the male reproductive organ. The context is similar to the word ‘f*ck’. For example, Иди на хуй (‘Idi na hui’) means ‘Go f*ck yourself’ and Хуй знает (‘Hui zna-et’) means ‘Who the f*ck knows? ‘

Why do kids swear?

When school-age children swear, it’s usually to express negative feelings. It’s often a response to something painful, upsetting or frustrating. Children might also swear to fit in socially. … Some children swear because it gets a strong reaction from their parents.

What is the new F word?

Despite being interested in gender equality, it was as if, Elam said, “being called a feminist was to suspect that some foul epithet had been hurled your way.” As one student put it, “Feminism is the new F Word. …

What’s a nice word that starts with an F?

List of Positive Words That Start With FFullFullnessFreeFabulousFriendlyFoodFreshFellowFulfillFulfillmentFaithForgiveForgivenessFantasticFirst15 more rows

Where is the purest German spoken?

Northern GermanyThe North German Broadcasting (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) also offers television programs, such as “Talk op Platt” and radio programs in Low Saxon. On the other hand, Northern Germany is considered to be the region that speaks the purest Standard German, and in everyday life, little influence of dialect is heard.

Is Waltersobchakeit a real word?

Waltersobchakeit is a German term used when a person makes up a random German-sounding word and people will follow/believe it since they do not speak the language. Sadly, Waltersobchakeit is not an actual German word. It is a play on Walter Sobchak’s name from the movie: The Big Lebowski.

How do you spell scheisse?

(vulgar, colloquial) Exclamation of displeasure.

What does Kummerspeck mean?

grief baconKummerspeck is a compound noun composed of Kummer (grief), and Speck (bacon, or lard), so translates literally as ‘grief bacon’.

Is scheisse a bad word?

It depends on the context and the particular situation whether “Scheiße” -which indeed means “shit”- is considered a “bad” word. If it is being used in a private/familiar situation then it is just the colloquial to express disgust, anger, frustration, distaste, rejection, denial or even surprise.

What does Fanny mean in German?

fanny, the ~ (bottombuttocksassbumbehindarsebacksiderumprear) Arsch, der ~ Noun. Gesäß, das ~ Noun.

What is the longest German word?

Kraftfahrzeug-HaftpflichtversicherungThe longest word in the standard German dictionary is Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung – which is the word for motor vehicle liability insurance.

How do you pronounce Scheibe?

PronunciationIPA: /ˈʃaɪ̯bə/Audio. (file)Hyphenation: Schei‧be.