Question: How Much Damage Does It Take To Get The Drake Sword?

What is the strongest weapon in Dark Souls?

Ranked: 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Dark Souls1 Black Knight Halberd.

There really is no other choice for best weapon in Dark Souls.2 Claymore.

At first glance, the Claymore might not seem worth the effort.

3 Zweihander.

4 Black Knight Sword.

5 Moonlight Greatsword.

6 Estoc.

7 Black Knight Greatsword.

8 Balder Side Sword.

More items…•.

What does the Drake Sword scale with?

You are correct that the Drake Sword does not scale with your stats, as many other weapons do. With the sword upgraded to +1, you’ll be doing 220 damage. Upgrading it to +5 will take this up to 300 – but at the cost of 40,000 souls and many dragon scales (9, I believe).

Is Capra Demon optional?

Location. A Capra Demon is first encountered in the Undead Burg as an optional boss that the player can defeat. It is located in the lower section of the Burg. Later, however, additional weaker Capra Demons can be found in the Demon Ruins as regular enemies.

Is Astora’s straight sword good?

It does 160 base damage, half physical and half magical and also scales with stats. It also counts as a Divine weapon and is excellent for exploring the Catacombs early, before you even unlock the Divine Ember. The stat scaling is rank C and is not that good, but the base damage on the sword makes up for it.

Where do I get the black knight sword?

How to Get / Where to Find the Black Knight SwordChance to drop from either Black Knight in the Northern Undead Asylum Revisit.Drops from The Black Knight, specifically the Sword Knight. (

How do you aim with Shortbow Dark Souls?

With a bow equipped, press either the appropriate hand’s weak attack button, or the stance change button to hold the bow in two hands. There is the option to fire the arrow normally by locking onto an enemy, or by entering a first-person aiming mode by pressing L1/LB/Left-shift.

How do you trigger hellkite dragon?

On the bridge where Hellkite sits, from the staircase partway across, run to one of the corners where you’re shielded from the flames. Wait there until the drake jumps down, or attack the drake with a ranged weapon to trigger it to jump down.

Can you sell items in Dark Souls?

1 Answer. There is an NPC, Kingseeker Frampt, that will consume your items in exchange for souls. He appears near the Firelink Shrine after you have rung the two bells. So yes, there is a way to sell item, but not until later in the game.

Is the Drake Sword worth it?

I upgraded the drake sword to plus 5 and it has a base attack of 300. It attacks fast, it’s light, and it’s an all around great weapon. So yeah, it’s worth it. it’s nice to have, expensive to upgrade, but can work against you in the long run.

Can you still get the Drake Sword?

Yes, you can.

Is the Drake Sword worth upgrading?

Nope, not worth upgrading. The drage sword doesnt scale with anything, so its pretty much a fixed damage. If you are going for dex, you can get the uchi early on (killing the merchant in undead burg). … You’ll get any weapon you like with better damage than Drake Sword.

How many arrows does it take to get Drake sword?

It takes 28 shots using regular wooden arrows or 13 Big Arrows with a Regular Short Bow using regular wooden arrows (done with minimum possible stats to use bow).

Can you get the Drake Sword with a crossbow?

You can use a light crossbow, just bring about a hundred standard bolts. You will need some leeway for the initial manual aiming and then for occasional misses.

How much damage does the Drake Sword do?

Drake Sword Upgrade TableAttack ValuesDamage Reduction (%)Drake SwordRegular20050Regular +1 ( x1)22050Regular +2 ( x1)240503 more rows•Sep 14, 2020

What stats do I need to wield the Drake Sword?

You need 16 strength.

Where do I get the Drake Sword?

Undead ParishThe Drake Sword is obtainable in the Undead Parish. To obtain the sword, the player must deal enough damage to the Hellkite Dragon’s tail to sever it, placing the sword in their inventory. One method of doing this is to stand on the right side of the bridge under the drake and shoot its tail with a bow.

Can you kill the Drake in Dark Souls?

Yes you can indeed kill him, and you get 10 000 souls when you do. As far as being killed with arrows, unfortunately I could not get a clear answer. The consensus on the forums I’ve looked through seems to be that he’ll get down to about half health, at which point he’ll cover his head, seemingly healing himself.

How do you get the Drake Sword without a bow?

You will run right beside his foot as he lands, and he will level his tail with you for a few moments. This is the moment you need to attack, try to use vertical attacks, after 3 or so strikes the tail will be cut off and you immediately get the drake sword.