Quick Answer: What Level Is Reckless Cheer?

Who owns California Allstars?

Tannaz EmamjomehThe California All Stars was Co-founded by Tannaz Emamjomeh and Jeff McQueen 12 years ago.

California All Stars has grown from 110 athletes to over 600 plus athletes between 5 locations.

California All Stars is considered one of the Top Gyms in the World and was named the top 3 gyms in the United States in 2009.


What level is Smoed cheer?

Smoed is a Worlds team from the California Allstars what competes in the Small Senior Coed Level 6 division. Smoed has won worlds 5 different times, making them the team in their divison with the most amount of wins. They were also the first team in their division to win Worlds back to back.

What level is California Allstars reckless?

Our Competitive Teams are considered some of the best in the world! HOME to your Level 6 Small Senior Coed favorites, 5x WORLD CHAMPIONS – CALI SMOED, popular online show “Cheerleaders” featuring SMOED and RECKLESS, and the unstoppable duo – Eddie and Orby!

What does Smoed mean?

Small Senior CoedThe name “Smoed” is a portmanteau of the words “Small Coed”, which comes from title of their competitive division (Small Senior Coed). Smoed is one of the teams featured in Awesomeness TV’s reality show titled “Cheerleaders”, alongside another California Allstars team, Reckless.

How much does Allstar Cheer cost?

It is nearly impossible for us to give you a total cost for All Star cheer but a typical range would be from $1500 – $5000 a year depending on the age and level of the team. However we will say that there are many gyms that cost far more than the upper limit mentioned here.

What gym is Smoed?

California AllstarsCalifornia Allstars is a cheerleading gym found in California. It was founded in 2001, and since then have won many world titles and national titles. They are home to popular teams like Smoed, Black Ops, Cali Coed, and Lady Bullets.