Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Oko Mi?

What does Oko mean in texting?

It has become common to see the term “oko” (おこ) in posts online or on Niconico live streams.

This is an abbreviation of 怒る (“okoru”, “to be/get angry”), and has become a fairly cute term.

This means “I saw (it)”, and is used as an abbreviation of 見えた/“mieta” or 見えたった/“mietatta”..

What race is Oko?

Oko is a fey planeswalker from an unknown plane.

What is I love you in Urhobo?

“Me vwe eguono kpa ho we”: This is “I love you” in Urhobo, the mother tongue of the Urhobo people including our beloved thespian Richard Mofe-Damijo, Rev.

What does Na you sabi mean?

I don’t care what you thinkNaijalingo: na you sabi. Na you sabi. Definition: 1. A subtle way of saying ‘I don’t care what you think’

What is the meaning of Oko?

In other cases, where the word “oko” means other things (for example: “oko” meaning “a sprout on a potato”; or “kurje oko” meaning “a callus”), the normal plural is used. The dual is used when referring specifically to both eyes (for example: “He lost both eyes in the war.” – “V vojni je izgubil obe očesi.”).

What is the meaning of Ayanfe mi?

my loverAyanfe mi and Olufe mi which mean my lover. Angeli means angel. Ko duro le ife mi _ Stand/ believe in the love I have for you.” Simi has a very clear and melodious vocal.

Is Oko an elf?

Oko generally tries to avoid revealing himself to other Planeswalkers, preferring trickery and manipulation to all-out battle. He is almost always mistaken for an elf.

Why is Oko so good?

His ability to shut down both fair decks and aggro decks means that the combo decks can just splash oko to have near-perfect coverage against the field so it’s just a matter of what combo decks can race eachother. He’s the total package. … You don’t need any other card for him to be good. He is good by himself.

What is I love you in Calabar?

Useful phrases in EfikPhraseEfikI miss youItọñ fo ọdọñ miI love youMme ama fiGet well soonKudọñọ abaGo away!Daga!51 more rows

What does Oko mean Pokemon?

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. One-hit knockout moves (Japanese: 一撃必殺わざ one-hit knockout move), commonly abbreviated as one-hit KO moves or OHKO moves, are moves that cause the target to immediately faint, regardless of its current HP or defense stat.

What is the meaning of Iyawo?

The Origin Of ‘Iyawo’, The Yoruba Word For Wife !!!

How do you say my love in Nigerian?

The literal translation is ‘ifunanya m’, but other similar (and more frequent) forms include ‘obi m’ (my heart) and ‘onye nke m’ (my person). Do young Igbos speak the Igbo language, or do they speak English? What is the situation like? Why is it difficult for some Nigerian Igbo men to settle down with one woman?

Why is Oko banned?

In additional to having a high overall power level, Oko has proven to reduce metagame diversity and diversity of game play patterns in Modern. In order to improve the health of game play and to weaken Urza decks and other top decks, Oko, Thief of Crowns is banned in Modern.