Does Vegeta Ever Win A Fight?

Does Vegeta ever beat anyone?

Vegeta never really had that moment.

Like stated before, Vegeta beat Goku, Dodoria, Zarbon, Jeice, Ginyu-Goku, 19, Semi-Perfect Cell, Pui Pui, Ginyu-Tagoma, Frost, Magetta, and Cabba.

Some of those opponents were serious opponents.

It’s like people only care if someone beats a main villain or not to be important..

Has Goku ever beat Vegeta in a fight?

Goku has beaten vegeta once during the Saiyan saga but he needed help. They fought another time in the buu saga but there was no clear winner. … In Dragon Ball, Goku has never truly won a fight against Vegeta. In their first ever fight, Vegeta only lost because Gohan crushed him while reverting back from Oozaru.

Who has Vegeta defeated?

Dragon Ball: Vegeta’s 10 Worst Defeats10 Defeated by Android 13. After barely being able to kill Android 15, Vegeta takes on more than he can handle with Android 13. … 9 Defeated by Kid Buu. … 8 Defeated by Recoome. … 7 Defeated by Great Ape Gohan. … 6 Defeated by Perfect Cell. … 5 Defeated by Majin Buu. … 4 Defeated by Jiren. … 3 Defeated by Android 18.More items…•

Who is the strongest Saiyan?

Broly13 Strongest: Broly Broly is the son of Paragus and the famed Legendary Super Saiyan. Currently, he is the strongest of the Saiyans in Universe 7 who even toppled even the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza in a fight.

Can Goku beat one punch man?

Fighting Goku would probably qualify as a good time. It would be hard for Saitama to beat him, and that means that he’s exactly the kind of opponent that Saitama’s looking for. For the first time, Saitama would be able to go all out in a fight, which no one has ever really gotten to see.

Who can defeat Goku?

Although barely any anime characters can defeat Goku, there are some who can rival him and put up a fight.1 Zeno. Zeno is the strongest being in the Dragon Ball universe, even above the likes of the Angels and the Grand Priest.2 Jiren. … 3 Vegeta. … 4 Kaguya Otsutsuki. … 5 Alucard. … 6 Naruto Uzumaki. … 7 Sasuke Uchiha. … 8 Saitama. … More items…•

How many fights did Vegeta win?

Overall Vegeta has lost a total of 6 times. Bonus: Kid Buu, but that was kind of expected as he was stalling for time for Goku. In the 1st bout with Goku although they were both damaged Goku lost that fight. On Namek, he lost to Zarbon the 1st round, He lost to Recoome and he lost to Frieza.

Who defeated Vegeta?

After Frieza’s final defeat, Vegeta chooses to stay on Earth and has a son named Trunks with Bulma. Three years later, Vegeta finally becomes a Super Saiyan and easily destroys Android 19, sent by Dr. Gero to kill Goku. However, even as a Super Saiyan, he is easily defeated by Android 18.

Can Goku beat Thanos?

In a fistfight goku takes it easy, even without blitzing UI is auto dodge and goku hits too hard. There’s no attack”too hard” for Thanos. He’s survived attacks from Galactus and Odin. … If you mean UI Goku vs Thanos without the Infinity gauntlet in the MCU then Goku could win.

Can Goku defeat Zeno?

That said, it really does seem like Zeno will stay the strongest god in Dragon Ball for the foreseeable future. His level of power is so incomprehensible that it seems highly unlikely Goku will ever beat Zeno, let alone fight him.

Who will win in a fight Goku or Vegeta?

Goku is the better fighter due to him having trained under multiple teachers whereas Vegeta is generally more powerful. Even with Super Blue 2 all it did was make him equal to Goku using Kaioken x20.

Did Vegeta kill Goku?

Vegeta has legitimately beaten Goku once – at the beginning of the series during the Saiyajin saga. He lost in the end due to outside interference. … Majin vegeta did not beat goku. They decided to call off the match and then majin vegeta did a cheap shot on goku.

Can Krillin beat Goku?

Krillin in the second tournament was way stronger than Goku at the first one. Krillin at the third tournament could easily beat Goku from the second one. Krillin against Nappa could wreak Raditz who killed Goku.

Who killed Vegeta first?

Frieza11 Vegeta – 2 times He first died at the hand of Frieza, who beat him up and then gave him a Death Beam through the chest when he wouldn’t shut up about Frieza losing to Goku. But he came back when the Dragon Balls revived him.

Who is Goku’s best friend?

KrillinGoku’s best friend originally is Krillin. Since the original “Dragonball” this has been so. They both trained under Master Roshi Together as well competed in the World Martial Arts Tournament.